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Read All of the Jasmina Awards 2022 Winning Entries.

If you are interested to read all of the winning stories and poems, please visit the Jasmina Awards 2022 publication by clicking here.

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7 Dimensions of Active Aging

As we grow older, the process of aging has various impacts on quality of our lives.

The International Council on Active Aging identifies the seven dimensions of active aging that embrace a wide range of issues.  Jasmina Awards is a platform created for you, to share your stories and poems that celebrate different dimensions of active aging:

· Emotional – writing about feelings is a great way to create balance in life. 

· Intellectual – writing about intellectually stimulating activities is a proven approach to keeping minds alert and interested.

· Physical – writing about lifestyle choices that can maintain or improve health is a beautiful way to help other get on the same healthy track.


· Professional, vocational – writing about work or hobbies is a good way to share about one person’s skills and its personal satisfaction. 


· Social – writing about interactions with family, friends, neighbours and chosen peer groups can be valuable for maintaining and widening your social life.


· Spiritual – writing about meaning and purpose in life, guided by personal values, is key to feelings of well-being and connection to the larger world. 

· Environmental – writing about good stewardship means looking at ways to bring people into the natural environment and encourage active living through walking paths, vegetable gardens and similar options.

By writing and submitting your stories to Jasmina Awards, you can make a meaningful contribution to society as well as find a platform where your voice will be heard and valued.

We invite you, your family members and friends who are 60+ to send us your stories and poems on topics related to any of the 7 dimensions of active aging. We look forward to hearing from you, and we will do our best to not only publish your writings on our web site, but also to promote your writings to a wider audience beyond this platform.

At the 7 Dimensions page you can find several stories and poems that describe and contribute to 7 dimensions of active aging. 

Hope you will enjoy reading!

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Dear Reader and Writer,

People aged 60 and above have stories, hopes, dreams, memories and creative imagination that need to be heard and shared. They have creative talents that need a platform: Jasmina Awards.

The Jasmina Awards recognises that older adults have an immense role to play in our community no matter what their age may be. We wish our platform to serve as a way to honour and cherish those in their golden years and to keep them as an integral and valued part of our society by immortalising their experiences in words. 

The aim of Jasmina Awards is to promote active aging among those aged 60 years and above by encouraging them to write about their wealth of living experiences which is an immense resource that all of us, whatever our age, can dip into, read, experience and learn from.

Our older adults also have much to gain from making writing a part of their life routine, because it is scientifically proven that writing can help enhance memory, combat depression, reduce mental health issues, boost self-confidence, and even open up new avenues for socializing. 

What can you write about? Anything, actually: love, childhood, growing up, mysteries, regrets, loss, joy, lessons in life, hopes, dreams, aspirations. The world is your oyster.

Jasmina Awards invites all older adults, aged 60 and above to send us stories and poems that best reflect their own talents and abilities. Selected pieces will be published on our web site and promoted among a wider audience.

All works submitted to the Jasmina Awards belong to the authors and this includes all copy rights. We just want to publicize, reward and share your stories. 

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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves"

Thomas Edison

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"It is not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years."

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